Personal Branding 101-What on earth is it?


Hey there, 

I've been meaning to pen an introduction to personal branding to share my perspective on this topic. Well, the day has finally come.

I'm a coach and a personal brand strategist, which means I help people and small businesses to master their appearance, behaviour and communication for success in life and leadership. As a strategist, I help you to design tools, solutions, strategies to have a stellar brand. As a coach I work with you to gain clarity on your brand, provide a source for accountability, and help you as you define and  implement your brand's vision.

Ok so the big questions...


Well, it depends on who you ask. There is a lot of information out there and to be honest, for most, it can be downright confusing and overwhelming sifting through what's real and what is not. You know, those 'alternative facts.'

Really personal branding is not a new concept.


Your personal brand is really just your image.  Your image is a reflection of who you are and what you bring to the table (the dining table, boardroom table, negotiating table, you name it)

Your brand is a combination of many elements. In my practice I share that your personal brand is a combination of your Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Social Media Presence (A.B.C's). In it's totality, your personal brand is what you stand for, what you represent, it is the total experience others have with you when they come to know or interact with you.


Ever tried to apply for a job or promotion lately? or explain to a prospective client why you are the person to solve their problems instead of the other 50 gajillion people that do the same thing that you do? How did that work out for you?

If you struggled to articulate your message or if you were unsuccessful in accomplishing your goal chances are there is room for improvement in how you are showing up in your profession.

Whether you want to accept it or not, your personal brand has already been created. The image that you have of yourself may or may not be consistent with the image others have of you. It is up to you to control your image so that your message is consistent with who you are and what you are all about.


We are all different, no two people are alike. Not even twins. We have varied experiences, backgrounds, likes, dislikes, skills, talents, physical attributes. How we combine these differences and how we use them to attract, connect with and influence others will ultimately be varied as well.


It is having the ability to attract and connect with people in such a way that they want to know more, they come to like you and ultimately come to trust you. These are critical foundations for relationships, which if we are to be honest are at the core of everything that we do as human beings. When you have presence, you have an impressive manner. Your brand stands out, you become the influencer that others want to work with. Influence is power. It is at the core of leadership and if you can influence, you can be outstanding in your profession.


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