Think about where you are now in your life’s journey and where you really want to be. They probably don’t match up. Most of us want to be successful, but for some reason, we just never break through. We tell ourselves…

I'll never succeed… I'm not good enough

Everyone else knows better than me... That's not how it's done… who do I think I am?

I have to sacrifice my sanity, my health and my family to be successful. I don't really want to be that successful.  

I don't know where to start, there's so much to do and I am so overwhelmed

I don't really have what it takes; I am not like those successful people.


What if I told you that all you needed was to be better prepared? Being intentional about your life, career or business allows you to see possibilities you may not be able to see because you don’t have a clear focus.

Most of us set ambitious goals, but very few of us are able to execute on them. What happens is our dreams lie dormant because the work to bring them to life becomes more than we think we can handle.

To get ahead, in today's competitive business and work environment employers and clients are looking for people with an edge. People who know their worth, the value they bring and can communicate that clearly. They are looking for leaders who first, can lead themselves and then effectively, lead others.

Yet, how do you do that if you are unclear about your purpose? How do you know where to go if you can’t see past the first step? How do you stand out from the pack and make YOUR mark? 

You Work With Me.

I’m the Professional’s coach. I transform ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs into confident, influential leaders who thrive in and outside the workplace. I am your partner in success. We partner together to help you achieve your career or business goals.

“Teca gets things done! She has the courage to take action, and she does what it takes. I predict she can do whatever she sets her mind to.”
— Karen Brunger-Image Consulting Industry Leader and Expert

Services Offered:


Coaching, Consulting and Training

  • Self employment coaching and consulting- Skills to Dollar Bills™

  • Career transition support and strategy

  • Online training in the areas of leadership and soft skills development

  • Online group membership courses and programs

  • Workshops, retreats and seminars for small business owners


Training, Speaking, Coaching and Consulting:

  • Leadership and soft skills development for employees

  • Leadership assessments

  • Group training, training emerging leaders, 1-1 coaching with executives and staff, team building activities on topics in leadership, communication, influence building, professional presence, assertiveness and customer/client and stakeholder relations.

  • Facilitation and speaking at events, conferences and retreats

  • Image consulting for team members who need to improve their professional presence.

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My Story

When I was entering the middle stage of my career I made a tough decision...It was time to change course to leave the comfort of what I always knew, working in pursue my vision of being an entrepreneur.

I wanted to be happy and do work that I enjoyed and where I felt that I could truly help others. For me that meant, creating my own path. So, I set out on a mission to help professionals who were stuck yet were ambitious and desired greatly to succeed.

Along with the knowledge that I’ve gained through the years, as well as the tremendous resources I have been equipped with as a member of John C. Maxwell’s global team of coaches, speakers, and trainers, I bring to my profession a passion for service.

I am an experienced entrepreneur- career and business coach with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry.

I excel at Management, Coaching, Consulting, Career Strategy, Leadership Development, Soft Skills Training and Public Speaking.

A Few Facts About Me: 

  • Experience: 15+ combined years of professional experience working in private sector, government and entrepreneurship

  • Leadership: Experienced leader with over 5 years of experience leading teams

  • Credentials:

Bachelors Degree-BComm, York University

Master's Certificate-Adult Training and Development, Schulich Executive Education Centre

Coaching, Speaking and Training Certification-John Maxwell Team

Image Consulting Certificate- George Brown College

  • Best in Class: Trained and mentored by successful leaders in the personal growth and leadership space. Some of my current mentors include Paul Martinelli, John C. Maxwell, Christian Simpson, Chris Robinson, Roddy Galbraith, Mark Cole, previously Melissa West, Scott Fay and Ed DeCosta.

  • Published Author: My Style, My Way- Co-authored with peers a personal style resource guide. A treasure trove of image wisdom

  • Track record: Worked extensively in employment programs supporting teams and organizations that helped unemployed people get back to work. Also worked in regulating post-secondary institutions and their programs.

  • I have 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience helping many professionals striving for personal and career success

  • Street Cred: I grew up in the 'hood. Jane and Finch to be exact. I know what it takes to hustle hard and rise through the ashes

My Philosophy

The Presence Circle© 2018 Teca Cameron

The Presence Circle© 2018 Teca Cameron


Whether you are building your brand or your team, to get ahead in the world of business, you need to know who you are and where you want to go. By working with me, you’ll learn how to attract and connect with others, ultimately discovering how to have influence with those in your circle. I equip entrepreneurs and leaders to clearly define their brand, build amazing connections with others and lead or serve them for maximum impact.

It would be an honour to assist you on your journey. I look forward to meeting you.


Teca Cameron-Tackie,

Your partner in success


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