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You’re creative and you want to build a business with your talents. Turn Your Skills Into Dollar Bills™.

You’ve been doing the 9-5 hustle and you're pretty much convinced this is not in the cards for your future.

The good thing though, is you’ve had a lot of time to day dream and now you’re ready to turn those dreams into a reality.

Whether you want to start your own online business, design a course using your expertise, package your skills into a service based business, or set up your existing business to be profitable, I’m here to support you as your coach and consultant. Let’s explore how you can turn your skills into dollar bills™, find your tribe and serve them like a rockstar!


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You want a career that you love, don't you?

Are you in the middle of your career and are asking yourself what next?

Maybe you like your work but hate your boss...what do you do then? Or perhaps you just want to keep growing but you need to build your confidence to take on new challenges ahead.

Right now, all you know is that you're feeling lost or confused. I’m here to help you push through your challenge and get you to the next level in your career.

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Your people are your greatest asset and most valuable ambassadors..

but do they know that?

Is the leadership in your organization equipping or hurting your people?

People thrive in environments where they feel supported, where they are equipped to do their jobs and when they know their leadership cares. If you are struggling with high absenteeism or turnover, workplace conflict, retaining great talent or getting the most from your people-let’s work together to improve your outcomes.

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Client Love Notes.png
The Thrive Bootcamp has been a great opportunity to help me understand my strengths and areas of improvement.  The detailed information provided was exactly what I needed to be able to take action and move towards the next steps in getting things started for my personal growth and business goals.

Working with Teca has been such an uplifting and inspiring experience as she provides so much encouragement, reassurance and support. 
— Aricka, Thrive BootCamp Participant

 CEO, Prowess Growth & Leadership Strategies
Teca has very high business standards, is very professional and experienced, has a vast knowledge base of entrepreneurship and branding and she is warm and relatable. She really wants me to succeed and have always lifted me higher. She helped me to believe in myself, my value and my services.
— Rene, Business Coaching Client

Teca is a warm, welcoming professional who worked wonders. Transforming me from student life to social/professional. After seeing the transformation in my brother (a client of Teca), when I knew I was finishing school, Teca is the first person I thought of and made the investment with.
— Stephanie, Professional BrandingClient

Teca was so pleasant to work with and we continue to keep in touch from time to time. She’s always willing to help us with any questions we still have about style and fit, which I greatly appreciate. My husband and I learned so much in the little time we spent together. We feel great because we look great because of her. She’s an inspiration!
— Rachel, Professional Branding Client

I engaged Teca to present to my chamber CEO colleagues across Ontario when they were gathered for a conference here in Hamilton. Teca delivered two great, well-developed and polished talks that helped CEOs evaluate what type of leaders they were and whether they were living up to John Maxwell’s ideals. She was an excellent addition to the conference program.
— Keanin, CEO Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Teca created a great new image for me, it made me feel confident and motivated. Teca accomplished this while making the experience educational and enjoyable.
— Davinci, Bitcoin Entrepreneur-Image Consulting Client

Teca is, simply put, a fashion magician. I didn’t give her much to work with, but she managed to transform me (a lumpy, style challenged housewife) into a stylish and confident woman. I lost my name badge at one point, and someone actually said “You don’t need one, we all know who you are because you have made such an impression!”. I felt glamourous, confident and of course stylish and I have Teca to thank for it. I could never have looked so fantastic without her. Thanks Teca!
— Sara, Image Consulting Client

Client Love Notes.png
Teca has supported me as a coach both on my career and personal journey by challenging me to examine myself, my thoughts and my habits.
With the great support I received from Teca I feel more confident and assured with my decision making.
— Karen, School Teacher

After being back at work for a year from my maternity leave... I felt boring and unprofessional and wanted change to boost my self-esteem.

When I met with Teca, she was very pleasant, friendly and informative...Teca was supportive and encouraging through the whole process.
This change was certainly a very personal issue and Teca made the whole process very easy and comfortable. She was great to work with.”
— Carmen, Image Consulting Client

“Teca gets things done! She has the courage to take action, and she does what it takes. I predict she can do whatever she sets her mind to.”
— Karen Brunger, AICI Past President, Industry Leader, Teacher

Client Love Notes.png
“Hi Teca,
I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for conducting this wonderful workshop. It was a pleasure meeting you, I wish we had more time. I really enjoyed spending these couple of days with you sharing your knowledge. I am glad you like my gift, that was a token of my appreciation to you.”

— Jackie, Workshop Participant

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I’m Your Partner in Success



Hi, I'm Teca (Tea'Kah). The Professional's Coach™. I transform ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs into confident, influential leaders who thrive in and outside of the workplace.

I am a Business and Career Coach. I help ambitious creative professionals to turn their passion and gifts into a profitable and fulfilling venture.

What makes me stand out? I’m a visionary and problem solver with a knack for finding creative solutions to some of my client's most challenging problems. I actually get excited thinking through solutions to resolve issues. Call me a nerd-but it excites me to put on my thinking cap and brainstorm solutions with you. I get right in there with you to help you gain the clarity you need, the confidence you desire and step by step guidance you need to move you from a point of confusion to a crystal clear future.

Cookie cutter is not my style. You are unique and how I serve you is as well. I'm qualified, competent and I care that you achieve results.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, to get you closer to your dream.

How I Help

o   I’m your partner in success. 

o   I help you to make money and have an impact doing what you love. I equip you with tools to be the best at what you do.

o   I'm a people developer, problem solver, and solutions provider. 

o   I offer coaching and consulting solutions to creative professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready for new heights. I do this through business or career coaching.

o   If your dream career is not a 9-5, I can work with you to develop strategies to transition you out of a 9-5 and into your own business. Entrepreneurship is a viable way to make a living, you just need to have a plan as to how you will be successful. Together, we will do just that.

o   For small to medium sized companies, I offer leadership training for team members such as employee leadership and image training and coaching & personal development classes for staff members and management.

You are deserving of a thriving career that you enjoy.

If you're ready to have a career that gives you great fulfillment,  then take action today and hop on a discovery call with me.