Way to go, you did it! You have earned a reputation as a star performer. You know your stuff and you are now in the position to have influence, but you aren't confident that you can do it.



You are the Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer. Yes! The CEO, the Manager, the Administrator, the idea generator and you're absolutely overwhelmed. You need clarity for your business.


You are a small-medium sized business and you want your team members to be amazing ambassadors for your brand. To have more impact, you know you need rock star performers. 


Are you confident in your abilities?



You're at the top of your game. Well, not exactly but that's definitely where you feel you should be. Perhaps...

  • You want to get ahead in your career
  • You long to take on a more senior position
  • You may be considering a career change

Yet you may be struggling for the following reasons:

  • You lack the confidence to take on new responsibilities
  • You're unsure if you are fit to be in a leadership role
  • You struggle to communicate your value and worth to others
  • You feel that you could have some refinement in how you present yourself
  • You're not comfortable speaking to crowds or find it difficult to connect with others


  • At the top of your game, in a leadership role
  • Earning a higher salary that equals the value you bring to the table
  • An outstanding performer who has the ability to influence others
  • A respected leader whose ideas are trusted and implemented
  • A fulfilling career that allows you to serve others and be at your best
  • An influential leader that others look up to for support and encouragement
  • Have a leadership presence that displays your confidence and commands respect from others


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"When I was presented with the opportunity to work with Teca I was little hesitant at first. I was unsure of how the coaching process worked and the idea of opening up to someone so closely. Needless to say I am so pleased with the results. I am coached weekly one-on-one and supported through my professional development journey. The ongoing process and time spent with Teca has given me much more than I could ever ask for. Her coaching has provided me with the tools and resources needed to pursue my goals and visions. This includes everything from time management, communication with colleagues and upper-management, and gaining the right amount of confidence to push myself forward in my professional and personal life.
With her coaching I have seen positive changes within myself resulting in positive changes in my work performance.  I am thrilled with my coaching sessions and am excited to see where it takes me in the future. Thank you, Teca!" Emma L., Customer Service Supervisor




You have a business idea or you may even have already started promoting your services. You have skills and you are ready to share your gifts and talents with the world. You want to have a profitable business but you're struggling.  You feel that there is just too much information, resources and potential courses of action that you can take and you're simply overwhelmed.

    You may be struggling for the some of the following reasons:

    • You're not really clear exactly who you should be serving
    • You're not clear on how to market your services 
    • You're overwhelmed by social media and technology
    • You lack experience and knowledge of how to brand your business
    • You're time starved but need to focus on building your business, the smart way


    What you long for most...

    • To have a successful business that is profitable
    • To get clients to know, like and trust you
    • To serve your clients and give them your absolute best service
    • To enjoy your business so that you can really live out your passion
    • To have a fully branded business that requires little maintenance
    • To stop trading time for money and gain passive streams of income
    • To have support when you need it the most


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    "I engaged Teca to present to my chamber CEO colleagues across Ontario when they were gathered for a conference here in Hamilton. Teca delivered two great, welldeveloped and polished talks that helped CEOs evaluate what type of leaders they were and whether they were living up to John Maxwell's ideals. She was an excellent addition to the conference program"
    Keanin Loomis, CEO Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

    Your next event is coming up, do you have an outstanding line up of speakers to keep your audience engaged and learning? Great connectors create an experience that everyone enjoys.

    Teca, has a way with her audiences, she aims to connect with them on every level. Before she steps in front of a crowd she ensures that she does the work behind the scenes to get to know you. With a knack for telling stories, Teca believes that learning shouldn't be transactional it should be transformational and exciting.

    Trained by the Elite John Maxwell Team under the John Maxwell Method of speaking, Teca comes highly qualified and equipped to customize presentations, workshops, or seminars to suit your needs. 



    Do you have a personal brand? Teca shares a tip on what your personal brand should really stand for.


    Some of Teca's presentations:


    1. Captivate with Professional Presence: Master the A.B.C's (Appearance, Behaviour and Communication+social media) of Presence for Success in Life and Leadership

    2. Executive Presence-Speaks Volumes. Keys to defining your executive or leadership presence.

    3. Stellar Beyond Circumstance-Overcoming obstacles to soar to the top!

    4. YouthMax Plus- John Maxwelll leadership development program for youth. Designed with and features YouthMax program ambassador Nick Vujicic

    5. Customized presentations -to suit the needs of your organization and audience

    6. John Maxwell topics include:

    Copy of Corporate Training.png

    Need to develop your team?

    Do you have team members who could benefit from soft skills development? Perhaps your team leader needs coaching on emotional intelligence, or your executives need an edge to better represent your brand. Find out how Teca can help your organization to achieve it's goals through professional development of your staff.



    According to a recent Deloitte survey on Global Human Capital Trends, "leadership remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world, with 86 percent of respondents in the survey rating it as “urgent” or “important.” Only 13 percent of respondents say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels—the largest “readiness gap” in the survey. 21st-century leadership is different. Companies face new leadership challenges, including:

    • developing millennials and multiple generations of leaders
    • meeting the demand for leaders with global fluency and flexibility
    • building the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform..." 


    • seeking to develop your emerging leaders or high potential team members?
    • interested in modern training on executive presence that respects and honours diversity and inclusiveness?
    • frustrated with outdated training models that over promise and under deliver?
    • seeking to invest in your staff's professional development to strengthen your team?
    • looking for creative team building activities that engage, inform and entertain?

    If so, Teca can help. Backed by solid and proven content from the John Maxwell leadership brand, as well as over 15 years of professional experience, Teca is equipped and skilled to deliver the best experiences for your teams. If you want to see results and to have your staff engaged and ready to implement what they have learned then Teca is the one to hire!



    Leadership Assessments- The Leadership Game

    The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a fun, interactive, and edifying way to assess communication, address difficult topics, and identify strengths and weaknesses. Through thought provoking questions, individual reflection, and ideological debates, any group will understand one another more deeply in order to perform more effectively. Watch the short video below to see how this game can impact your team.