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Visionaries Lorna Blake of Empower Yourself Consulting and Teca Cameron-Tackie of Teca Cameron-A Professional Development Company, both John C. Maxwell Certified Leadership Coaches, Speakers and Trainers have come together to deliver an informative online summit.

This online summit is aimed at bringing together some of the brilliant minds and passionate hearts who have a love for Africa and want to engage the broader African community in the Diaspora, to consider Africa, specifically Ghana, as a great place to visit and a viable investment destination.

We believe that Africa is the future, that the continent possesses a wealth of resources to sustain itself, but we recognize that it cannot do that without the mobilization of it’s people.

Europe and North America have all benefited greatly from the advancements of African Descendants. We now know it is time for our great mother Africa to be rewarded with the return of her children to explore, develop and sustain the nations as they're feeling called to.

Ghana has announced that 2019 Marks the Year of Return to commemorate the start of the transatlantic slave trade. We want to encourage Africans and African Descendants to discover the true beauty of the continent, starting with a trip to the beautiful nation of Ghana.


February 26th, 2019 to February 28th, 2019


The summit will be broadcast online to registered attendees. Please register to get access to the content. The hosts will broadcast live each day, after which, you will gain access to the daily recording. Enter your name and email address below.





Travel to ghana: tips for a memorable trip

If this is your first time travelling to the continent, or even if you are returning, Ghana is a special place to visit.

Travel Specialist and Founder of Palace Travel-Lloyd C. Murray talks with Lorna about the keys to making your trip to Ghana Memorable.

Palace Travel specializes in tours covering the African continent. Licensed and accredited travel agencies throughout West Africa, they provide faculty led cultural immersion experiences among other types of excursions. If you’ve caught the travel bug, you need to listen in to Lloyd’s chat with Lorna.



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relocation: What you really need to know

Are you an African descendant or African who wants to return to Ghana? Well, there are some critical things you need to know. If you’ve ever moved from one place to the other, you know it can be quite an adventure. Imagine doing that across continents? That’s a whole different ball game.

Entrepreneur, Returnee and Founder of Twinkle Toes Inc. Stephanie Fatima Raji has walked the talk, with her triplets in tow. She has been able to successfully integrate into the Ghanaian culture after being abroad in Canada.

Stephanie, a mover and shaker in the returnee community, will talk with Teca to share her insights on the things to consider when relocating with a family to Ghana. Don’t miss out!

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Planning to visit or live in Ghana? You will likely enjoy your stay more if you have a good grasp of Ghana’s rich culture, it’s people and it’s traditions.

Leading Image and Etiquette Consultant, Emma Addo-Owusu chats with Teca Cameron-Tackie on what it takes to successfully integrate into Ghanaian culture, some of the frustrations you may experience and how to relate to Ghanaian’s personally and professionally. You do not want to miss this talk.

Emma is the founder of Kobadem, a professional grooming, etiquette and business skills management consultancy company focused on building capacity by providing training on, personal branding, grooming, business etiquette, business communication, customer service and other interpersonal skills.

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When it comes to business in Ghana, the opportunities abound. If you have a desire to really impact change, starting a business in Ghana is a great way to to do that.

Pearl Kitcher, a young entrepreneur, is making waves with her companies Diet Maze as well as her latest upcoming venture, her Artisan Chocolate business.

Equipped with a biochemistry background, Pearl is able to unearth her creative abilities through her chocolatier skill set which she developed nearly three years ago. Pearl believes this dream will help in adding value to indigenous Ghanaian chocolate and additionally, give people the opportunity to also taste chocolate from all over the world at just one vending site.

Pearl will discuss the realities of what it takes to start and grow a business in Ghana.




Making a transition to a new country also means trying to determine how you will make a living. Transitioning into the Ghanaian labour market comes with unique challenges as well as opportunities.

Expert HR professional and talent enthusiast and Ghana Returnee, Nicole Siriboe-Boateng, talks with Lorna Blake about the realities of finding work in Ghana.

A social network plays a large role in how quickly you can land a job. Nicole will share her knowledge on how to network effectively as well as some of the blind spots to consider as you navigate the Ghanaian job market.

Nicole’s company, Leaders Global is an international full service human resource and talent acquisition company based in Accra, Ghana.


Money, money, money…monay! Everyone loves to have it, but not everyone knows how to make or spend it. Ghanaian economics for tourists and returnees can get a little tricky.

Expert Financial Professional Georgina Quagraine speaks with Teca on the money matters you will want to pay attention to when you go to Ghana.

Issues you may find around general cost of living, renting or purchasing property, investing, customs around giving and charity will be covered.

If you want to learn how to keep more of your hard earned money, or where you will benefit to spend it, don’t miss this talk!

If you’re ready to talk about the money…check out this chat!


In Ghana and abroad, Farida Bedwei is highly regarded for her achievements in entrepreneurship as well as a woman born with Cerebral Palsy. Blessed with an amazing mother who fought for her to have a normal a life, Farida rose to her calling and beat all of the odds that were against her. She is a tech entrepreneur and is currently a leader in the tech industry across the African continent.

Farida will chat with Teca about her entrepreneurial journey and what it is like to experience Ghana with a disability. If you or someone you love has a disability experience, you will greatly benefit from hearing, not only Farida’s story, but her views on entrepreneurship and disability rights in Ghana.

Farida aims to change the narrative and perception of persons with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities, in Ghana and throughout the world.









If moving to or visiting Ghana is a desire of yours, we would love to keep in touch. If you are interested in the summit and future events or receiving information from us, please enter your contact details below. We will never spam you.