Are you confident in your abilities?



You're at the top of your game. Well, not exactly but that's definitely where you feel you should be. Perhaps...

  • You want to get ahead in your career
  • You long to take on a more senior position
  • You may be considering a career change

Yet you may be struggling for the following reasons:

  • You lack the confidence to take on new responsibilities
  • You're unsure if you are fit to be in a leadership role
  • You struggle to communicate your value and worth to others
  • You feel that you could have some refinement in how you present yourself
  • You're not comfortable speaking to crowds or find it difficult to connect with others


  • At the top of your game, in a leadership role
  • Earning a higher salary that equals the value you bring to the table
  • An outstanding performer who has the ability to influence others
  • A respected leader whose ideas are trusted and implemented
  • A fulfilling career that allows you to serve others and be at your best
  • An influential leader that others look up to for support and encouragement
  • Have a leadership presence that displays your confidence and commands respect from others


Success path for Emergingleaders_Last (4).png


"When I was presented with the opportunity to work with Teca I was little hesitant at first. I was unsure of how the coaching process worked and the idea of opening up to someone so closely. Needless to say I am so pleased with the results. I am coached weekly one-on-one and supported through my professional development journey. The ongoing process and time spent with Teca has given me much more than I could ever ask for. Her coaching has provided me with the tools and resources needed to pursue my goals and visions. This includes everything from time management, communication with colleagues and upper-management, and gaining the right amount of confidence to push myself forward in my professional and personal life.
With her coaching I have seen positive changes within myself resulting in positive changes in my work performance.  I am thrilled with my coaching sessions and am excited to see where it takes me in the future. Thank you, Teca!" Emma L., Customer Service Supervisor