14-Day Networking Challenge

with The Professional's Coach™

Starting June 24th, 2018


Challenge Details

You’ve decided your ready to switch gears, your ready for your next job opportunity or to build your list of clients but you're tired of the disappointment and frustrated to say the least.

  • While you've started networking, you find yourself scratching your head wondering if you’re going about it correctly.
  • Do you feel like that you are struggling to meet and connect with people?
  • Are you in the middle of a job hunt and you are submitting tons of job ads but getting nowhere?
  • Not landing interviews or even acknowledgement that you applied?
  • Does the idea of putting yourself online bring you to your knees in discomfort?
  • Are you afraid to network with others because you feel job search shame , fear rejection or are just afraid of the process entirely?
  • May you are new to entrepreneurship and don't have a large network but wish to expand your connections


I'm here to help. Join the upcoming networking challenge to start building your networking muscle.


I’m revealing the 14-Day Networking Challenge and if you’re a professional who is looking to change your career or find a job while you are in transition between employers or an entrepreneur looking to connect with clients, this is a must-have/must-attend Challenge because inside you’ll experience:

1. 4-Information filled and action focused Video Lessons from me, The Professionals Coach.

2. A Networking guide which includes

  • A Networking Success checklist with 14 daily assignments
  • 14 Daily Affirmations
  • A 14 day Networking schedule

3. Facebook accountability group where you can connect with other professionals like yourself. Connect with me  here, I'll be present during office hours to answer your questions.

4. You'll even get a chance to craft your own Personal Brand Statement which you can use for your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Summary.


Total Investment: $57 (a value of $147)


Recorded Lessons

1. Mindset Conversion

  1. Relationships are important to your success
  2. Why confidence and awareness of self is the greatest tool in your networking
  3. What's so scary about networking? Tackling the misconceptions
  4. How a positive attitude propels you forward
  5. What's stopping you from networking. Identifying the limiting beliefs that may be keeping YOU stuck

2. Networking Know How

  1. Human relations: networking is all about people
  2. Why are you networking in the first place?
  3. What is your unique value proposition?
  4. Dress for success: the subtle art of attracting others
  5. Top conversation gaffes and how to avoid them

3. Strategy:

  1. How to reach out to people for the 1st time
  2. How to locate networking events worth attending
  3. The secret is in giving
  4. How to truly connect with your contacts
  5. Follow through to move forward

4. Tools: Demo how to use them

  1. Networking Success Checklist
  2. Crafting Your Personal Brand Statement-Walkthrough
  3. 14 day Networking Schedule
  4. 14 daily Affirmations

Need More Hands On Support?

Book one of these 1-1 additional services

Need More Hands On Support? Book one of these additional services

 #1: Trial interview. You will be provided with a mock interview script. Take a video of yourself, email it to me, no longer than 5 minutes. Then you will tell me why you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for. You will receive a recorded critique sent directly to your inbox. Want to take your preparation to the next level? Book a mock interview session with me.

Investment: $125 per session

#2:  Office hours with me to discuss a career or business challenge that you need support to overcome.

Investment $295 for a 90 minute session

 #3: Premium service: Need to work with me 1-1? Get the total package and purchase the Captivate With Presence Package Today!

Investment: $997 or *two installments of $498.50

*(To set up an installment, please email info@tecacameron.com for payment instructions)


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