Coming in to see Teca was an amazing experience!  I was looking to get a better understanding of a classic yet modern look, with clean lines and a more refined tone.  

The lessons I learned from Teca are priceless, to say the least.  I can now go shopping and know exactly what works for me because she tailored the session just for me.  I feel much more confident in how I look (and so does my wife!:).  The outcome and the purpose I had set out to do: FULFILLED.  I have nothing but praise for Teca.  Thank you so much.

Christopher P., Image Consulting client



What is it? A comprehensive assessment of your body's natural colouring. 

Colour is a great communicator. It can convey our emotions, express our personalities, impact our moods, display our energy, and influence our attitudes. When you are choosing something to wear, do you give much thought to the colour that you choose or do you simply guess? The colours that naturally occur in you, cannot be found in anyone else nor is it always easy to figure out what your colours are. You are a unique person with a unique design.

 How it works:

Identify the colours that naturally occur in YOU. This is typically the first step in the Image Consulting process. You will be taken through the 12 season colour analysis process. Your natural colouring will be assessed against colour swatches to identify your true undertones, overtones, core season and your seasonal flows (if applicable).                                      

Who is it for:  Any professional who wants to upgrade his personal and professional style to look his absolute best!  For men who are curious about what colours will look good on them so they can look sharp.

Benefits: Save time, save money, reduce stress and build a professional wardrobe that is functional, stylish and systematic. Knowing your colour profile will change your life! The identification of your power colours gives you knowledge that you can use to strategically build your most powerful, and sharp wardrobe and personal brand. Following a colour analysis, clients have reported saving time shopping, looking and feeling more professional and energized, and the part they rave about most, the confidence that comes from knowing they look their best. Not to mention, the positive compliments they get from others.

You are given tips on how to wear colours to brighten and liven up your face, accentuate your frame, how to coordinate colours so that they make sense for who you are. Make no mistake about it, this is a process that you don't want to trust to guess work or random suggestions online. Be certain by trusting your colours to a professionally trained eye. Want to stand out from the crowd? Get your colours analyzed today!



What is it? A holistic assessment of your style and body.

You want to look good at all times, but you're just not sure you do. You buy clothes hoping that they fit but you're not entirely sure how to make the right choices that look great on you consistently. You really need another eye to give you clarity.

How it works: Don't trust this process to Pinterest or social media. Who you are naturally cannot be captured through copying anyone else. You will be given advice and guidance on how to select hairstyles, accessories clothing, patterns, prints, styles, textures, and silhouettes to wear that flatter your best attributes. You will be provided with detailed measurements that reflect your unique lines, proportions, body type and bone structure.

Who is it for: Men who want to gain more confidence in how you look. You simply want to understand how to dress your body so your clothes fit, look good and professional.

Benefits: You will leave this process with greater self confidence, a more strategic approach to selecting clothing, a better understanding of styles that suit your body, style and personality. Experience less frustration getting dressed!



What is it?  Learn strategies to maximize your wardrobe and reduce frustration. A process to edit and reorganize your wardrobe.  

You really don't like fussing about clothes but you still want to look good. Your thought is, who really has time for that? But lately you begin to admit that maybe your wardrobe is holding you back. You could really use some help.             

How it works: A wardrobe audit involves looking at your entire wardrobe inventory and editing it so that your clothes and accessories reflect your colouring, body, lifestyle, personality, professional style and is up to date. You are given advice and guidance on how to build outfits and a system for picking your clothes. Clothing that is not suited for you can be either altered, donated or thrown away.

Who is it for:  Professional men who want a functional wardrobe that looks good. You want to look authoritative, credible and professional.Your common problem or complaint is that nothing fits or you buy clothes that you never wear. 

Benefits: Save time, money and frustration by keeping only what works, eliminating anything that doesn't work and creating greater efficiency in your wardrobe. Goodbye to just tossing on whatever is clean and available. Discover how to build stylish wardrobe capsules for better lifestyle management.



What is it? You hate shopping, I get it. It can be overwhelming. Get assistance shopping for clothes that work just for you and look stylish using a stress free and budget friendly process.

How it Works: Shopping can be done online or in person. First shopping excursion is accompanied by a consultant. Services offered on and offline. Shopping does not have to be stressful. Subsequent sessions can be done without you being present. 

Who is it for:  Any professional who wants to upgrade their personal and professional style to look their absolute best!

Executives who are time starved and need a stylist to maintain their seasonal wardrobe.

Benefits: You won't have to fight through racks of clothing to find what you need. Using a structured approach, your clothes are selected for you based on your requirements. You are also guided on how to select your own clothes when shopping alone. You save money, time, frustration and only purchase clothes that you will actually wear. You always have a stylish wardrobe that is up to date and easy to keep current.

Teca created a great new image for me, it made me feel confident and motivated. Teca accomplished this while making the experience educational and enjoyable.

Davinci J., Image Consulting Client