image consulting

"Teca is an amazing person and an outstanding stylist. She gave me all the tools I needed to become (and stay!) fabulous. I never felt rushed or flustered and when she was done I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I highly recommend Teca."  Jennifer Berry

Your style is a signature that you carry around with you wherever you go. What does your style reflect? As a professional, showing up polished, poised and distinguished will in fact separate you from others who don't give their style the time of day.

Do you know how to strategically manage your look and wardrobe to communicate your value? Does your style reflect your personality, your profession, and your desired role? Showing up to work dressed professionally is only one element of your personal brand or executive presence, yet it is key to attracting the right attention. If you want to have  confidence, influence and impact, consider investing in a wardrobe and style upgrade.

The confidence gained from looking amazing is what my past clients have identified as one of the best outcomes of working on their image.

Having confidence gives you the courage to ask for what you want, connect with others in a more meaningful way and opens up a world of possibility and opportunity you likely were unable to see before.

It would be an honour to work with you to begin defining or redefining your personal and professional style.



"Teca was so pleasant to work with and we continue to keep in touch from time to time. She's always willing to help us with any questions we still have about style and fit, which I greatly appreciate. My husband and I learned so much in the little time we spent together. We feel great because we look great because of her. She's an inspiration!" Rachel Pangilinan

Are you radiating in your best colours? Does your style suit your unique body design? Can you replicate a look that is consistent and true to who you are because you understand what works best for YOU.

Does your professional style communicate authenticity, confidence, credibility and influence? If you answered no to these questions, consider taking an image assessment to determine how you can polish up your professional image so that you can captivate with presence.


"I highly recommend that men take advantage of Teca's image management services. She has guided me along my style journey, all the while helping to me to figure out my own personal style. Her knowledge and information on fashion is par excellence, she can truly help you take your style to another level."  Steven Mayers

A leader's image should be distinguished. Does your current style and wardrobe earn you respect? Do people take you seriously or second guess your credibility based on how you show up?

You probably don't have time to fuss about your wardrobe but understand just how important it is to have all elements of your appearance in order. 

Getting your style assessed and working with a professional stylist who will curate looks for you based on your needs is an investment in your future.