Teca Cameron presents...


Hey Superstar,

  • Are you ready to find purpose in your life and career?

  • Want to begin constructing your growth plan?

  • Ready to gain the confidence to ask for what you want in 2018?

I know you’re busy. You’ve got commitments, and everyone is pulling at you for attention. But let me ask you…when will there ever be a right time to get your career right?

I'll share a story with you. Not too long ago…

I was in your shoes. in 2006, I didn't have a clear purpose, nor did I have a plan for my life or career.

But I made one decision...I needed to grow and I had to create a plan to do so.

In 2011, I walked away from my government career. Stable benefits, comfort zone, predictable salary because at this stage, I had a purpose and a plan that I had to work on. Staying where I was unhappy would not have helped me to give birth to my dream.

So...when opportunity knocked, I snatched up my belongings and dashed out the door, never to return. 

Yeah, a couple of maternity breaks in between and some battle scars but I’m here today to share with you some of the winning principles I have learned over the years that has enabled me to realize success on my own terms.

Today you may be unsure of your next steps but with the right help you too can have the career you desire on the terms that you want.

I want your 2019 to be your best year ever!

You have ambition, dreams and the will…but you just need some guidance with the HOW! In this Workshop you will walk away…

·       Filled with purpose

·       Having tremendous impact

·       Having influence

·       and getting paid your worth

I’m excited to announce that on January 22, 2018, I will be hosting an exclusive Boot Camp for ladies, like you, who are ready to kick it up a notch in the new year.

This is no ordinary boot camp.

In this experience, you will spend 5 life changing days building out your growth plan.

You will experience 5 days packed with activity focused on YOUR personal growth and development. 

We will take some of our lessons from my mentor and leader John C. Maxwell as he passes down his wisdom in the 15 invaluable Laws of Growth.

You will have support, accountability and guidance as you get prepped and ready to take charge in 2018.



1. YOUR GROWTH PLAN STRATEGY. 5 LIVE Daily lessons facilitated by me along with daily exercises

Day #1:Attendance at the kick off 60 Minute LIVE Webinar hosted by me on January 22, 2018


Discover how being intentional about my growth, got me the career of my dreams!

  • Learn personal growth & success principles from the world's leading authority on leadership, John C. Maxwell.

  • As well as lessons I've learned from my other successful millionaire mentors



Day#2: Lessons from John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself To Grow Yourself

  • Learn why you must know yourself to grow yourself

  • How self awareness leads to greater self confidence

  • Tips for applying the Law of Awareness to Your Life


Day #3: Lessons from John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth


Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself

  • Learn why our self esteem impacts our growth potential

  • Discover steps to build your self image

  • Tips on how to apply the law of the Mirror in your life



Day #4: Write Your Vision and Make It Plain:

  • How to use a vision board to set and visualize your goals

  • Why planning ahead is crucial for getting results

  • What are the key areas of focus successful people include on their vision boards to get results

  • What tools you will need

  • Day #5: Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams

  • Why you need to spend time reflecting on where you have been to figure out what’s next

  • How having confidence in yourself and purpose will propel you forward

  • My personal story on overcoming limiting beliefs


You will also get:


2. Amazing Takeaways

  • Personal Self Assessment Checklist

  • Positive Affirmations for 2018, a collection of words to boost your positive self talk

  • Takeaway: A customized vision board template with step by step instructions to guide and propel you into action

  • Growth Plan template

3. Live accountability check-in 


Connect with me live in the Facebook Group on days #4 and #5 during office hours to discuss your exercises and progress.

4. Access Granted: Invitation to join our Exclusive Invite Only Facebook Group:


The Professional's Den-(Thrive Bootcamp) where you can connect with other ambitious professional women who are serious about taking charge in their careers.

You will have access for 6 months as you build out your growth plan, create your vision board and work on building your confidence. We’ve got you girl, you’re supported in this corner.

5. Your Life! 

That's right. After getting these ducks in a row, you will be on the path to getting your life and career in complete order.


6. As a Bonus offer for being so committed to your growth, you will be entered into a draw to receive 2 complimentary 60 minute coaching sessions with me (a value of $500 USD)

I promise, there will be no obstacle courses here, nor will there be any hurdles, or burpees. 

What you will experience is a step by step approach to setting yourself up for success.

We’re moving fast and furious on this one. It's short, it's quick and... well, it requires your commitment.

What you will need:

  • A winning attitude

  • An internet connection and a Facebook account

  • Time investment-1 hr each day for live chat and another 30 mins -1 hour to do your exercises

  • Your change purse or your credit card, this investment will cost you $97 (a steeply discounted rate)

    • Materials for vision board creation (more details provided upon registration)



  • Developed the confidence to take the next step and plan for your future

  • Tools to put together a detailed plan for your growth

  • Develop a strategy for executing your vision for 2018

  • A community of support for feedback and encouragement



About Your Facilitator


I'm Teca Cameron-Tackie . The Professional's Coach™. I will be your host and facilitator for the Thrive Boot Camp.

I transform ambitious CEO's, executives and corporate professionals into confident, influential leaders who thrive in and outside of the workplace.

I equip you with knowledge and skills to grow personally and professionally.

As well, I teach you how to master your appearance, behaviour and communication for success in life and leadership.

I'm excited to be of service to you and I look forward to seeing your name on the list of women taking charge in 2018.