Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

I wear multiple hats...but at the core..I'm a people developer. 

I'm a certified Image Consultant, Adult Instructor and Coach that conducts career and business coaching to help you to be a well rounded professional or entrepreneur.  I support ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and companies who want to stand out in the marketplace while adding great value to others. I help you to create a distinct brand image that helps you to attract and connect with your audience for greater influence.

For corporate, I provide you with support to develop your employees so that they are effective leaders who add great value to your brand. Find out more here.

I am your partner in success, providing you with support, guidance, information, tools and resources to either design your road map, or help you gain clarity on your existing plans/ideas/goals.

What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching "as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is a designed alliance, typically between two people. It is intended to help the coachee to achieve their goals by coming into their own awareness.

Unlike consulting, coaching is not a done for you service nor does the coach direct you, the client. The coach is mainly a support and accountability partner that asks the right questions to get you thinking about our own solutions.

What qualifications do you have?

My qualifications include over 15+ years of professional experience working with diverse companies in administrative, leadership and consultative roles. I've spent 10 years on my entrepreneurial journey.

I've worked diligently to earn credentials as I share on my about page. I'm committed to professional development and dedicate myself to continuous learning to develop my expertise. I am a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Most importantly, I've been able to earn the trust of my many past and current clients who without hesitation, vouch for the quality of work that I produce as well as the unique experience that I create for them.

Who are your clients?

I serve ambitious creative entrepreneurs and professionals who are either working in a 9-5, wish to transition out of a 9-5 or are self employed on a full time basis. To find out more about business building services visit

For the corporate practice, I serve small to medium sized companies and organizations with teams of 10-250 employees.

How much is it to work with you?

As most of my offerings are customized, my rates vary. For services, they are costed based on a variety of factors. I typically offer my services in packages instead of charging per hour.

Your investment will be determined by how much and the types of support you will need. Please visit my services section to see which investment is best for you.

As for digital products and events, they typically range from $27 up to $997. Digital products will be released shortly.

What are your guarantees?

I guarantee that by working with me, and doing the required work that you will walk away with greater clarity than when you started.  As well, I guarantee that you will be guided and supported throughout our working relationship. I also guarantee that I will honour our agreements and commit to providing you with the products or services that you signed up for and that we agreed to.

What I cannot guarantee:

  • That you will land a job

  • That you will make x amount of dollars after working with me

  • That you will meet all of your milestones

  • That you will get all of the answers

Coaching is a process that requires your full participation in order for it to be successful. Your results are determined by your level of commitment to the process.

You can check out my testimonials to find out what my past clients have experienced.

Do you have freebies?

Do you have freebies?

Yes, absolutely. I believe in giving a portion of my business to educating my community of professionals. Many of these resources are distributed through my mailing list or my online community. You can sign up for my list

I also offer a select number of discovery calls at no cost, if you're interested in exploring coaching services. Book your discovery call here.

Do you speak at events?

Yes. I am a keynote speaker. You can find out more on my speaker page.

Where are you located?

This company is located in Ontario, Canada in North America. Working with business partners  located in various parts of the globe, we serve international clients as far away as the continent of Africa.

A large portion of my coaching is conducted virtually so clients can connect with me from anywhere there is a stable internet connection.

I am available to travel for speaking engagements.

How can the media get in touch?

I would be happy to discuss your idea to see how I can be of help to your audience. Please fill out the contact form on this website. You can find it here.

How do you use my information when I interact with you and your website?

Your privacy matters and we only collect and use your information in order to provide you with the best customer service experience. We take measures to ensure the protection of your privacy. To learn more about how this site uses your information visit the privacy policy here.

You may also wish to review our terms of services which outlines our best practices for interacting with you. View here