do you want to be more influential?


You're successful by no stretch of the imagination. You have managed to work your way up the corporate ladder and right now, you're pretty satisfied with your progress. Yet, something seems to be holding you back. You're struggling to make it to the next level, be it senior management team or corporate suite.  You may be progressing but have been told you could benefit from improving your Executive Presence. You know something has to change, yet you can't quite pin point what it is.

    You may be struggling for the some of the following reasons:

    • You find yourself stumped when it comes to conversational skills such as 'small talk'
    • You're unfamiliar with how to address issues of protocol or etiquette in corporate settings
    • You struggle to command a room and to articulate your value
    • You struggle to get your points across and to influence others 
    • You don't feel polished, poised or distinguished
    • You struggle with decision makin
    • You're not quite sure how to dress for success to stand out from the pack
    • You find yourself struggling to read others and to manage your own emotions


    What you long for most...

    • More income and a salary that reflects the value you bring
    • To have the respect of your clients, peers and superiors
    • To be able to influence those around you to achieve great results
    • To rise further up the corporate ranks and make a difference
    • To look the part and be dressed for the next level 
    • To have a fulfilling career that you genuinely enjoy