"When I started talking to Teca Cameron-Tackie, my Business Coach, I was hungry for my new venture to start doing the job I love, teaching speaking and coaching.

Teca took my hand and guided me through every step... I grew so much under her coaching. From a “wanna-be” to the CEO of Prowess Growth Leadership Strategies. On my journey I would often get frustrated, filled with doubt, but each session with Teca left me with hope, direction, practical clear steps and hands-on tools that lifts me and helps me take action and rise to the next level.

She helped me to believe in myself, my value and my services.

Rene, Business Coaching Client


So you're not here for the 9-5 climb. Ok, I hear you.

You're thinking maybe now is the time to dash off and do your own thing. For you, your dream career doesn't include clocking in on someone else's time and bringing in someone else's dime.

For you, this means setting your own schedule, working to your strengths, using your gifts to help others and building a business that you can be proud of. There's only one challenge, you need help to make this happen.

Starting or growing a business is not for the faint of heart. Matter of fact, you have to be built for this game or be willing to be groomed for it, at the very least. You can't run a successful business without a solid strategy.

What I can tell you is, not everyone is cut out for a day job. Some people were meant to be entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they never realize their potential because they allow fear, scarcity mindset and life...to get in the way. Is that you?

If you are ready to build a business and transition out of your 9-5 or transition into entrepreneurship from a career break, this program was designed for you.

I understand the unique challenge of juggling other responsibilities with your hustle. I did it. I was able to transition out of my 9-5 to where I am now, which is equipping others to do the same, or to grow where they are.

Are you going to bet on yourself today, or will you continue on in your 9-5 doing work that you feel is unfulfilling?

This program combines coaching and consulting so that you can create a strategy that is true to you and prepares you for profitability. No sense in building a brand, if it's not bankable.

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"Equipping prospective entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and resources to help realize their business ownership aspirations will be key to creating a thriving economy and vibrant communities across Canada," RBC


You have a business idea or you may have already started promoting your services. You have skills and you are ready to share your gifts and talents with the world. You want to have a profitable business but you're not sure where to start.  You feel that there is just too much information, too many resources and potential courses of action that you can take and you're simply overwhelmed.

You may be struggling for the some of the following reasons:

  • You may not feel 100% confident in what you have to offer

  • You're not really clear exactly who you should be serving

  • You're not clear on how to market your services

  • You're overwhelmed by social media and technology

  • You lack experience and knowledge of how to brand your business

  • You're time starved but need to focus on building your business, the smart way

  • You're just not getting results despite working really hard

  • You're bank account isn't reflecting the effort you are putting into your business

Investing in This Program Will Help You To:

  • Monetize your passion and make money doing what you are good at

  • Gave a successful business that has profitability potential

  • Build 'know, like and trust' with your customers

  • Serve your clients and give them your absolute best service

  • Enjoy your business so that you can really live out your passion

  • Have a fully branded business that clearly communicates the value you offer

  • Have an effective system to run a 'real business'

  • Stop trading time for money and gain passive streams of income

  • Have support when you need it the most


  • Business building and branding using a hybrid approach that includes both coaching and consulting

  • Coaching online or in person, conducted to uncover what’s blocking you from getting ahead

  • Working together, we will design an action plan for starting or growing your business

  • Action plans are typically completed over a time-frame of between 3-6 months. We can fast track to suit your needs

  • Guidance, support and feedback throughout the process

  • Working together, along with our strategic partners, to give you the best tools to build your brand

  • Accountability is a key component of the process, we will have regular progress reports where you get support when you need i

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