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Enter the Season of Transition and Acceleration


Happy New Year,

I haven’t been on the blog in a while. I’m still here.

If you’re here you likely stumbled upon my page from somewhere on the Internet and I’m really happy that you did. If you’re new here...welcome. If you’ve been here for a while. Thanks for sticking with me.

I’m declaring 2019 as the year of transition and acceleration. Iʼve completed a phase of discovery and realized that I had to truly step into my purpose without fear.

I’ve taught clients to do the same, yet secretly I’ve held on to the fear of doing what it was that I am truly called to do.

My mission as a business and career coach is to serve creative entrepreneurs and professionals to use your gifts and talents to serve others and to create a living for yourself. To help you create a legacy you’re proud to leave behind.

When I started my first creative biz in 2008 I thought I knew what I was doing.

🤣, looking back I cringe at my level of clue-less-ness. I had no idea. I mean I graduated with a commerce degree and understood business principles, but did I really know what it meant to be my an entrepreneur? Nope. That, I had to learn through experience.

I loved Image Consulting. I loved helping clients with their personal presentation, improving their confidence and fixing their wardrobe dilemmas.

But something stopped me from going hard in that business.

What I didn’t know then was that my limiting beliefs and mindset caused me to believe that I simply wasn’t good enough. 

I’d ask myself who would believe me (despite evidence of clients paying me handsomely for my services), why would anyone trust me with their image (even though I had raving reviews proving that I was trusted). 

I’d constantly make excuses for my successes and falsely validate my failures and fears.

I walked away from that business because I simply stood in my own way. It had nothing to do with my ability and everything to do with my belief...or lack thereof.

My lesson can’t sell confidence if you ain’t got it yourself!! No one will believe your B.S. I’m expanding my business and adding onto my corporate training practice.

I’m building a brand that will support creative entrepreneurs. I’m here to cut through the confusion for my fellow creatives. 

I’m here to help you turn your talents into profit. I’m here not only to teach you the tricks of the trade that I’ve had to figure out through years of trial and error...but I’m here to help you shift your beliefs. 

I’ll help you understand your calling, to look beyond the $$ and see your clients, as well, to understand the  B.S (belief systems) that may be stopping you from soaring.

I’m here, not for a  transaction, but to support you with your transformation.

If you want to work with someone who will have your back and not treat you like another number, another statistic, another check in the cart...I’m your girl!

Stay tuned to this page as I unveil my passion project that I’ve been working on. 

I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then, thanks for rocking with me.


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Social Media and Self Esteem-A Talk with Young Women In Jane/Finch

Pictured with the Summer 2018 Girls Cohort of the Success Beyond Limits Program. Image Credit SBL

Pictured with the Summer 2018 Girls Cohort of the Success Beyond Limits Program. Image Credit SBL

Yesterday I had an opportunity to connect with 30 beautiful young ladies from Westview's Success Beyond Limits (SBL) program. These young women will be attending Westview Centennial Secondary School in the Community of Jane and Finch in North York Ontario.

Thanks to the recommendation by one of my former high school teachers/mentors (Mrs. Pat Saul), I was connected to the SBL program to conduct workshops aimed at helping the young women in the program.

We discussed Social Media and Self Esteem: Staying Focused and Sane in The Age of Selfies and Snap Chat

The young women were an absolute pleasure to serve.

The SBL program has a special place in my heart because it is housed in my former high school, Westview Centennial Secondary School. This is a school located in Jane/Finch and in a community that is often featured in media for the less than stellar 'newsworthy' stories.

What Jane/Finch was for me, was my training ground. The school of hard knocks if you will. I blossomed into the woman I am today because of my experiences growing up in this community.

Though there are common challenges coming out of Jane/Finch that you would find in any other urban community that is faced with economic inequality, social stigmas, adversity, and poverty, it is truly a unique community filled with heart, diversity and an incredible resolve to overcome obstacles.

Within Jane/Finch, you will find plenty of success stories, countless young people who are making a difference, teachers with heart, community members with guts and grit, and a tapestry of multiculturalism that fosters tolerance, love, and respect for shared human experiences.

Jane/Finch made me. When given the opportunity to speak to young people in my community (it will always be home), I feel blessed and honoured.

When I coauthored my book My Style, My Way, these were the young women I had in my vision for how I would use this book and my story to encourage them. Being a motivational speaker is a passion of mine and I use it to serve youth, particularly those who are faced with learning how to rise above adversity. I can relate to them on many levels, as I've lived similar experiences.

Thank you to Ms. Saul and the coordinators of the SBL program for inviting me to conduct these workshops. It was truly an honour.

Do you have a youth event coming up and need a speaker? Visit my speaker page to find out how I can help your group.

You Got That Mental Toughness?

Catch the replay of my Live Broadcast

How do you process pain, rejection, failure, defeat? Do you use it as an opportunity to grow or do you shut down entirely.,

In this live broadcast, I share with you a lesson I learned from John Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth- The Law of Pain.

The core message is "Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads To Great Growth".

Are you growing in spite of your challenges?


To truly grow and evolve we must go with others. I'm inviting you to join me and 10 ambitious professionals as I take you through some of the wisdom contained in John Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

We will focus on the 7 Laws that I believe are essential to building your personal brand and ultimately propelling your growth.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth:

7 Laws To Build Your Personal Brand

Build Her Up: International Day of The Girl!

Today is the International Day of The Girl

It's an important day. Girls matter. In many parts of the world, girls are disregarded, abused, trafficked, raped, mutilated, destroyed emotionally and physically.

I don't have a daughter, but I have little girls in my life.

I'm happy that a day like this exists, if for no other reason than to bring awareness to the issues affecting girls worldwide.

I long for a day where we don't hear about childhood abuse, violence, sexual crimes or the destruction of young girls self-esteem.

I plan to leave a legacy for the girls in my life, and the next generation, that tells them they can and will become anything and anyone they want to be. No matter their colour, hair type, size, matter what. 

Will you take the pledge with me? To uplift, encourage and motivate the young girls in your life?

Here are some startling statistics that highlight the plight and issues facing young girls and women today. We need to improve as global citizens.

Let's be a blessing to our girls.

Find a young girl to mentor, volunteer to show her the way, speak life into her circumstances, be a positive role model and a voice of support.

You never know, you may be that one person who can save her life.

Picture Credit: Picnoi: Jason Sackey

Picture Credit: Picnoi: Jason Sackey


Best to you,


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