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Presence Tip of The Day: Attraction

Presence Tip of Attract.png

What is presence and why does it matter? When someone has an outstanding presence, they naturally draw people to them. Presence is captivating and in its purest sense radiates from someone who has total control and confidence within themselves. How we look on the outside does impact our ability to connect with and ultimately influence others. If we struggle to get past first impressions we will likely have a challenge connecting further.

So you might be saying, oh please Teca, who cares what other people think...that doesn't matter to me. Truth of the matter is though it would be great if this wasn't our reality, however, people will judge you at first sight based on how you appear. Is it right, I would say no because we are so much more than our appearance. However, that does not change the fact that it still happens.

Scientific studies have shown that humans are visually wired. 70% of our sensory receptors are located in our eyes. For those of us with eyesight, most of what we first encounter is processed visually. To deny this fact, is to our own peril.

So how do you make you appearance work to your advantage? Well, you can be intentional about putting your best self forward into the world. Your clothing, grooming, smile, body language, the finer details of your style are the outer elements that draws others to you.

Are you taking care of your appearance? Do you dress for success or are you just pulling garments together without a thought or strategy. Are you well groomed and dress appropriately for your body type, lifestyle and personality? Anyone, regardless of budget or circumstance, can look their best if they are intentional about it. 

In future posts I will go into more detail as to some of the things you can do to have a more captivating presence, starting with appearance. 

We are each uniquely designed and there is no cookie cutter approach to looking great. Dressing for success means owning what is unique to you and maximizing it to impact others. It is not only a smart thing to do, it is essential in what we know to be a hyper competitive job market and world.

What does your appearance say about you?