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Career Chat With Teca-Episode #5: Changing Your Career After 5 Years

Last month I began a new series called Career Chat with Teca on Instagram TV.  I get a lot of questions from professionals who need help navigating through their careers and I decided that this would be a great forum to share experiences and to provide support to my community of followers.

This week is Episode #5. I am really enjoying taking your questions. I am making a commitment to share the broadcasts on this blog as well. To make sure that you don't miss an episode, if you are on Instagram, follow my profile and you will receive a notification every time a new episode is posted.

In this episode, I answered a question sent to me on Quora. The question was: 'How do you change career when you have 5 years experience in a completely different field?  Watch the video to hear my response.

In this broadcast, I also announced the official launch of my 'Design Your Dream Career Program: Get the Guidance, Support, and Clarity Your Need to Step Into A Career You Love

This program was designed for mid-career professionals who are seeking to change careers or may like your career but need guidance to move ahead.

The program officially opens on September 24, 2018. Early bird discount ends on August 31, 2018.

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