Winning Takes Courage and Strategy


Winning thought for today:

To live courageously means we don't let fear lead us.

We can be, do and have anything we desire when we are courageous.

Yet, there's a catch though...

If we don't have a strategy, we often find ourselves working very hard for it.

Sometimes painfully hard. Discouragingly hard. Stress filled...hard. So hard that we sometimes want to give up!

To get to where we want to go, to have influence, to have meaningful relationships, to do work that fills us up and overflows to bless others...

We have to believe in our own magic, our own strengths, our worth. We have to invest in ourselves. Time, money, work.

The life you want is right ahead of you...just make it your mission to get clear on how you will get there.

Truth is, with a doesn't have to be so hard.

Make a choice to live authentically and with courage. Be bold, set goals and go WIN at life!

Be blessed,



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