I’m Your Partner in Success



Hi, I'm Teca (Tea'Kah). The Professional's Coach™. I transform ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs into confident, influential leaders who thrive in and outside of the workplace.

I am a Business and Career Coach. I help ambitious creative professionals to turn their passion and gifts into a profitable and fulfilling venture.

What makes me stand out? I’m a visionary and problem solver with a knack for finding creative solutions to some of my client's most challenging problems. I actually get excited thinking through solutions to resolve issues. Call me a nerd-but it excites me to put on my thinking cap and brainstorm solutions with you. I get right in there with you to help you gain the clarity you need, the confidence you desire and step by step guidance you need to move you from a point of confusion to a crystal clear future.

Cookie cutter is not my style. You are unique and how I serve you is as well. I'm qualified, competent and I care that you achieve results.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, to get you closer to your dream.

How I Help

o   I’m your partner in success. 

o   I'm a people developer, problem solver, and solutions provider. 

o   I offer coaching and consulting solutions to creative professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready for new heights. I do this through business coaching and consulting.

o   If your dream career is not a 9-5, I can work with you to develop strategies to transition you out of a 9-5 and into your own business. Entrepreneurship is a viable way to make a living, you just need to have a plan as to how you will be successful. Together, we will do just that. I help you to make money and have an impact doing what you love. I equip you with tools to be the best at what you do.

o   For small to medium sized companies, I offer leadership training for team members such as employee leadership and image training and coaching & personal development classes for staff members and management.

The Skills You Hone Today, Will Determine Your Destiny Tomorrow!

If you're ready to have a career or business that gives you great fulfillment,  then take action today and hop on a discovery call with me.