"A true teacher is not one who gives you anything. A true teacher is one who makes you aware of what you already have and encourages you to use it"  Iyanla Vanzant
        I'm Teca Cameron-Tackie. The Professional's Coach.

        I'm Teca Cameron-Tackie. The Professional's Coach.

If you’re here, you are likely feeling stuck in your career.

There is no joy left in what you are doing and you're pretty much ready to do something about it.

One problem though, you’re just not quite sure what that ‘something is’. Right?

Most of us want the same things, we want to be happy in our personal lives.

We want to have jobs or careers that we enjoy and we’d rather not live our precious lives feeling invisible, anxious, stressed out or unfulfilled.

Yet, many of us lack the confidence and the know how to take charge and create a better outcome for ourselves.

You see, it wasn’t that long ago that I was standing in your shoes.

I, a go-getter by nature, was focused on growing up the professional ranks in my career in government.

The issue I found out once I 'arrived' in my management position, was that, I did not wish to spend the rest of my life working under the conditions that I was faced with...

  • loads of stress
  • organizational chaos
  • lack of direction
  • dealing with many people who lacked  people and leadership skills
  • feeling somewhat invisible and just overall…
  • a miserable work experience.

I wanted to be happy and do work that I enjoyed and that could truly help others. For me that meant, creating my own path. 

Let me ask you…

  • Are you a talented professional who feels that your worth is currently undervalued?
  • Would you like to build your self confidence to move ahead?
  • Have you been passed over for promotions over and over again but can't understand why?
  • Do you want to get paid for what you believe you are worth?
  • Do you feel invisible or underappreciated by your current leadership?
  • Are you sick of playing ‘the game’ as it is and want to create a new path for yourself?
  • Are you starting all over again after leaving the workforce and have no clue where to begin?

Well, you came to the right place.

I’m the Professional’s coach. I work with professionals, just like you who want to gain clarity for your next steps, clearly define your personal brand and take charge of your career.

Whether you want to keep the career you have, move up the ranks, shift to a new career, or carve out your own destiny by going solo, we can work together to help you take action and get results.

Why did I choose to work with professional’s?

Because I know what it feels like when your job is sucking the life out of you.

I remember the anxiety-

that heavy feeling in my chest,

dreading Sunday evenings, Monday mornings

and thanking God for Fridays...

I remember the tears...

the daydreaming,

the hoping that one day—some day

—I would be able to love my work.

Yet, also because...

I know what it is like to feel lost, uncertain of my next steps and not entirely confident in myself.

Today, I can say with confidence, that I have overcome these challenges and I would love to help you find your way as well.

We can work together either one on one or in a safe, group environment.  We will work together to equip you with building your self confidence, knowledge, skills and abilities that you need to WIN at life, work or business.

Let's strengthen your leadership presence so that you can show up authentically and command the respect that you deserve.

Are you with me?

 Book your free discovery call with me, today. Let's move you closer to your dreams!


What others have said:

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"Teca gets things done! She has the courage to take action, and she does what it takes. I predict she can do whatever she sets her mind to."

Karen Brunger-Image consulting industry leader and expert

Teca is an awesome Stylist who is very attentive to her clients needs. She is very helpful and focused on helping her clients find exactly what they are looking for, and makes their satisfaction her priority.”

Tia-Tanisha Thomas-Image and Wellness Consultant



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