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"Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room"  

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO Amazon.con


If you’re here, you are looking for results! 

“Teca gets things done! She has the courage to take action, and she does what it takes. I predict she can do whatever she sets her mind to.”
— Karen Brunger-Image Consulting Industry Leader and Expert

There is substantial evidence to show that a well developed brand presence is essential to success. 

In today's competitive work environment employers and clients are looking for people with an edge. Degrees are a dime a dozen and knowledge alone just won't cut it.

To fully develop as professionals, we need to grow as leaders.  What I have discovered is that leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Building a brand is essentially building your influence. As a professional, entrepreneur or corporation with employees, your end goal is to attract and connect with others for greater influence and ultimately results.

Yet, how do you do that in this cluttered marketplace? How do you stand out from the pack and make your mark? 

You build an authentic brand that captures the right attention. As well, you partner with a professional who can guide you to bring out your absolute best!


i'm your partner in success

I’m the Professional’s coach. I transform ambitious CEOs, executives and corporate professionals into confident, influential leaders who thrive in and outside the workplace.

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                   Branding for Solopreneurs

                Branding for Solopreneurs

            Leadership Development for                                Small-Medium Enterprises

           Leadership Development for                                Small-Medium Enterprises

           Conference and Event Speaker 

          Conference and Event Speaker 

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     Career Strategy and Coaching

    Career Strategy and Coaching

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                 Executive Coaching & Consulting

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              Professional Style Consulting

where I've been


I've worn many hats throughout the years. Whether I was a Service Delivery Team Leader providing support and guidance to my team, a Service Delivery Manager  providing strategic direction and oversight, a Consultant and Investigator in regulatory Compliance, or an Entrepreneur coaching my clients, one thing became clear to me--having a strong brand or leadership presence sets you apart no matter your field.

Having a competitive edge and being sought after and really taking charge relies on us having competence, confidence, clarity of purpose and the willingness to take action.


For me, my rise to leadership was not what I expected.

The issue I found out once I 'arrived' in my management position, was that, I did not wish to spend the rest of my life working under the conditions that I was faced with...

  • loads of stress
  • organizational chaos
  • lack of direction
  • dealing with many people who lacked  people and leadership skills
  • feeling somewhat invisible and just overall…
  • a miserable work experience.

I wanted to be happy and do work that I enjoyed and that could truly help others. For me that meant, creating my own path. So, I set out on a mission to help professionals who were stuck yet were ambitious and desired greatly to succeed.

Throughout this journey, I discovered the importance of building my own brand from a place of authenticity. It started with being clear about my purpose and then designing the road map to get me there. It is these principles that I gladly share with you to get you on your path to distinction.

A few facts about me: 

  • Experience: 15+ years of professional experience working in private sector, government an entrepreneurship

  • Leadership: Earned my first leadership role at 24 years old, rose to senior management level within 4 years

  • Papers:
    • Bachelors Degree-Administrative Management, York University
    • Master's Certificate-Adult Training and Development, Schulich Executive Education Centre
    • Coaching, Speaking and Training Certification-John Maxwell Team
    • Image Consulting Certificate- George Brown College
  • Best in Class: Mentored by successful leaders in the personal growth and leadership space. Some of my current mentors include Paul Martinelli, John C. Maxwell, Christian Simpson, Chris Robinson, Roddy Galbraith, Mark Cole, previously Melissa West, Scott Fay and Ed DeCosta.
  • Published Author: My Style, My Way- Co-authored with peers a personal style resource guide. A treasure trove of image wisdom
  • Track record: Worked extensively in employment programs supporting teams and organizations that helped unemployed people get back to work. Also worked in regulating post secondary institutions and their programs.
  • I have 9 years of entrepreneurial experience helping many professionals striving for personal and career success
  • Street Cred: I grew up in the 'hood. Jane and Finch to be exact. I know what it takes to hustle hard and rise through the ashes


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My Philosophy on branding & Leadership

To get ahead in today's society, we need to know who we are and where we want to go. Whether in business or a career being clear on your purpose and authentically embracing your uniqueness puts you in a better position to attract and connect with others for greater outcomes. The marketplace is demanding skilled professionals that are keenly aware of themselves and who can add the greatest value.

A huge part of developing as a professional, next to competence, is learning how to master our soft skills and professional presence.

Issues such as personal presentation, etiquette, communication, emotional intelligence, personal branding and influence are areas that can create challenges for aspiring leaders if left unaddressed. Failing to attend to these issues can result in self sabotage. Employers and clients are looking for people who stand out from the pack and are distinguished professionals who can achieve results.

Working with me, you will learn how to you attract and connect with others for greater influence. In essence, you will clearly define your brand and develop your leadership presence to ultimatley be in control of your career and life.

           The Presence Circle  © 2018 T eca Cameron

          The Presence Circle © 2018 Teca Cameron


It would be an honour to assist you on your journey. I look forward to meeting you.


Teca Cameron-Tackie,

Your partner in success